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  • shaky tweets
    shakyMay 2019

    Stunningly beautiful building! Like many opulent buildings around the world it is a mausoleum.

  • Sima Saladin
    SimaMay 2019

    So peaceful and full of good vibes 😁😁😄

  • Warwick Sellens
    WarwickMay 2019

    A fascinating insight into the influences of other countries. A Lincoln Continental? What were the Yanks thinking?

  • Iain Laslett
    IainMay 2019

    Very large temple Complex with ornately decorated buildings. Can get quite busy with tourists.

  • hozaestudios
    hozaestudiosMay 2019

    The Carriage House or Royal Funeral Home. This gold building was built to house and preserve the funeral carriage of King Sisavang Vong (1885-1959), King of Luang Prabang, 1904-46 and King of Laos, 1946-59. There are three ornate gilded sandlewood funerary urns that contained the remains of the king's father (in front) and mother (in the rear); Sisavang Vong's remains are given the central place of honor under the canopy. The remains were placed upright in a fetal position.

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