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Reviews (1140)

3.8 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Tom Stephens
    TomMay 2019

    Had an amazing dinner thanks to an outstanding waitress. Patricia was great very attentive and helpful. Delivered amazing food and great recommendations. Thank you very much five star service!!!!

  • Ben Pazos
    BenMay 2019

    This was my first time visiting this restaurant and this review is as clear as I can make it. Sitting can be indoors or outside again depending on how you big your party is. Let's talk Customer service. They are very polite and very helpful but as the day or night I should say they were too many people and little employees. No big issue but that Is something I would be I'm the lookout for. My next is the food we ordered some appetizers and it was pretty good definitely different in a good way. So major food is whats next I decided to try some of their wings that is what their restaurant name is known for but after getting them I wasn't too happy by it. They weren't bad but great was definitely out the window. They are just regular wings nothing fancy about it maybe something u can make at home in an over or fryer. Would I come back to this place maybe but it wouldn't be something I would love to go on top of other restaurants. This is as clear as possible I can make it but do I recommend it...... not really not at all I would suggest getting something else for sure.

  • Kathy Jackson
    KathyMay 2019

    My first time at this restaurant. We ordered the boneless wings, and a basket of fries along with soft drinks. The wings were terrible. The coating was hard and the inside was lukewarm. The fries were warm too. They may have been sitting under a warmer or something. They definitely were not fresh out of the fryer. The best thing I ate were the celery sticks. The waitress seating us gave us one menu to look at. I had to ask for another one . Not planning on going there again. I came home and made myself a sandwich.

  • amckx81
    amckx81May 2019

    Getcha Grub On! Good wings. Cold beer, didn't leave hungry. I like the variety. Not their fault the only sports on was little league baseball....so eh....

  • Ingrid Goodman
    IngridMay 2019

    I've been to 2 locations. 1 in Portland and 1 in Oxnard. Altogether we have visited 4 times between 2 states and I've never been unhappy with my food. The everything bagel pretzel twists are 🔥 and I ask for the Buffalo wing sauce to dip them in and they're so good. I've had them 4 times now & I'll never stop. They're a must try! I also get the chicken nachos and never been unhappy. Had them twice now and I've officiated them as my go to food at BWW. I enjoy the sports atmosphere and so does my hubby. BWW is good stuff dude!

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