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2.9 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Samantha V
    SamanthaMay 2019

    I felt the same way when I was in there as well. No privacy and to many employees touching your papers when it should only be the person you deal with. It is such a small office and if one person is doing your taxes the person in the next desk is listening to your privacy. I agree gina is a awesome prepare been with her a couple years now it does seem to be more of a fun house than an professional business. If I were the owner i would start seeing who I hire.

  • George Franklin
    GeorgeMay 2019

    I dislike when I refer friends to get there taxes done because I had such a great experience with Gina. But for the little girl that was at the desk was more worried about her hair and looks than to come greet her and help her. The other lady came and gave her the papers to fill out and acknowledged herwhile she had a client thank you so much for that. I love when people like to work and it's obvious the girl doesn't want to

  • Sammantha Valenzuela
    SammanthaMay 2019

    Gina has done my taxes two years now and I absolutely love her! She always has a friendly demeanor and her staff is very kind. I literally recommend my whole family.. I highly suggest Gina and say samm sent ya! :)

  • A Rat
    AMay 2019

    I have been going to Gina for a while now but this year was not a good experience. Usually her office is very professional and you don’t hear them all telling peoples business about taxes to others. Gina is the only person who seems professional and seems like she is the only person in that office who might even know about taxes the rest constantly ask. The girls there are not respectful on the phone don’t recall her name she was there Monday morning very rude and when I was there for my appointment felt like I was in school with all the young girls walking around didn’t feel I had privacy. I would recommend you to Gina just don’t ever speak to any other staff they blab your info. And they where slippers to work. Gina rocks but as for the rest I think they need older women who don’t gossip while others are trying to het there taxes done if I had a pen I could of just wrote everybody stuff down. FOR FUTURE REFERENCE IF YOUR DEALING WITH A CLIENT YOU SHOULD BE THE ONLY PERSON HANDLING THERE PAPERS TO MANY HANDS IS UNPROFESSIONAL

  • Jolyssa Perez
    JolyssaMay 2019

    Don’t come here unless you don’t want your tax refund or your stimulus! Part of my family went here for their taxes last year and NONE of them have received any form of refund and now Gina doesn’t respond to their calls. Poor customer service.

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