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1.3 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Patrick Morend
    PatrickMay 2019

    Call center not efficient. Had to call them many times. Took them ages to reply to our e-mails. Didn't get any advice on the the hike to Marum volcano (difficulty level, what to bring etc..) You would expect better service for the price they charge. They say they are a non profit organization... but where does the money go? Our guide asked us how much we paid... He was in shock when told. That said, we had a wonderful time on Ambrym. The people on the island are very nice and the volcano is amazing.

  • Annette McNamee
    AnnetteMay 2019

    Absolutely agree with previous review by Patrick. Same issue. We paid our money 5 months in advance and arrived at Ambrym Island to nothing had been organised. Only for Daniel at Ter Ter Hot Springs Bungalow we would have been left at Craig Cove air strip with no-one meeting us. Daniel then organised everything for us to go up to the volcano. I have spoken with the call centre, emailed and have had no reply. If any one wants to go this the volcanoes on this island, please book directly with your accommodation on the island. I will never use Malampa Travel again and I will never recommend them to our friends. Very disappointed with them, but absolutely love the people on Ambrym Island. They have just the most delightful people, very very helpful and I think they are being ripped off by this travel call centre.

  • Lina Veraart
    LinaMay 2019

    What a terrible organization. They are very expensive and they cannot organize anything. From the first minute everything went wrong and things went completely different than planned! We are very dissatisfied and we were certainly not the only tourists to experience this! Fortunately, with a lot of effort we got a little money back as compensation! The local people are also very dissatisfied. It is best to just book an accommodation yourself and then arrange the trips with the host (who has all the important numbers). This is faster, cheaper and you have a lot more fun! Malampa travel is really only a bank that receives the money and stops working! In short, a major disaster and hopefully there will soon be improvement for the residents and the few tourists who come to this beautiful island!

  • T L
    TMay 2019

    Do not book with this company! Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip and although the page says that you get your money back, that's NOT the case !! We are talking about 500 € !!!! Trip would have been to Ambrym for 2 people. After more than a year back and forth by e-mail, I was told that you will not return, but I received a credit - really great, as Europeans you go there all the time, because it is right around the corner! I really think this is a joke! Absolutely dubious and not recommended!

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