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  • محمد أمين
    محمدMay 2019

    People in many places hear the name Lulu's fever, and we think it is just a fictitious character To everyone who does not know this character is in front of you in the picture Picture of the late Hama Lolo A name that is still frequent in the mountains and plains of the eastern side, often and even across Algeria after independence, he left his mark in the security services, which he was credited with establishing some of them, in order to maintain the security and stability of the country. The Mujahid "Hama Lulu" was born on November 05, 1936 in Hanancheh, Souk Ahras, he belongs to a simple family in Mashtaat El-Houima in the municipality of Hanancheh. He was educated at the primary school in the same Mashta, before joining the "Zaytouna Mosque" in Tunisia. He joined the ranks of the National Liberation Army in 1955, and his age at that time was not Over nineteen years old, “The People” monitors the march of the rebel mujahid. In January 1955, "Hama Lulu" was assigned to command a corps in the eastern region, specifically in the Algerian-Tunisian border region, where he fought several battles and confrontations with the French occupation forces, where he was commander of the Fourth Corps, he fought many battles, including: The famous Battle of Whelan on March 18, 1957 In Mount Whelan, as well as the implementation of a violent attack on the French center at the edge of Wadi al-Saqia, on May 12, 1958, during which the occupation forces suffered heavy losses, and the Mujahideen captured a significant amount of ammunition, while the late “Hama Lulu” was lightly wounded, accompanied by some Mujahideen, according to Rafiq’s account Trained by the Mujahid Rafik Jawaideh. On May 24, 1959, the late "Hama Lulu" participated in the Battle of Mount Sidi Ahmed, which lasted from seven in the morning until eight in the evening, in addition to a great battle called the Battle of Al-Qaward, and the Battle of the East known as the Battle of "Al-Tawasna". After independence, "Hamma Lulu" joined the University of Algiers, where his studies stopped at the level of the second year of university proficiency, and then entered the world of politics, where he assumed several responsibilities between the interests of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of the Interior, and was the first direct official on the first intervention squad of the General Directorate of Security He worked with dedication and dedication until he passed away on March 17, 1986, following a terminal illness and was buried in the Martyrs Cemetery in Souk Ahras, next to heroes who made the history and glory of this nation.

  • Straits 41
    StraitsMay 2019

    the good reception, availability of several postal services

  • Moh Usma
    MohMay 2019

  • Hafsi Mouh
    HafsiMay 2019

  • Toufik achi
    ToufikMay 2019

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