Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.HQ

American Road, Saint John's


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  • Luke Johnson
    LukeMay 2019

    WARNING - The Police are corrupt and inept on the island of Antigua! On our recent spring break vacation, we were robbed on Turner’s Beach on the West coast of Antigua. Two purses were snatched with several belongings inside each, including iPhones, cash, credit cards and drivers licenses. The car keys to our car rental were also in one of the purses. The purses were stolen as our teenage daughters sat with them on the beach. The first set of police we encountered took very cursory notes and did not have us fill out a police report. After 5-10 minutes of questioning, they went to the beach bar and grill and started drinking. The second set of police were mildly more competent but still left us uneasy on whether they were going to do anything. The third police officer threatened us when we had a commercial dispute with the car rental agency, Lion’s Car Rental. Lion’s extorted us out of +$800 to re-key the car we had rented. When we first refused to pay, both Lion’s and the police officer told us we should pay the charge and if we didn’t they said there would be serious consequences. When we pressed them on what consequences they were insinuating, they said we might not be able to leave the country. Last time I checked, that is called extortion! We will never visit Antigua again and despite their license plates saying Antigua is the Land of Sun and Sea, I would suggest it is the Land of Corruption and Cronyism!

  • Stanley Iwundu
    StanleyMay 2019

    Lovely police America

  • Clint Spencer
    ClintMay 2019


  • Wilbert Williams
    WilbertMay 2019

  • Leesa Lee
    LeesaMay 2019

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