Northern Bus Station

13, Luang Prabang


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3.5 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Dale Cauldwell-French
    DaleMay 2019

    Got the 14:00 bus to Nong Khiaw (40,000 Kip). Left at 13:47 so I’d arrive early if I were you. Lots of places for food and drink

  • yvonne aw
    yvonneMay 2019

    The tuk tuk drivers are a bit tricky on the price they charged, be careful. There's no fixed price listed in the bus station. All tuk tuk driver tried to charge everyone (foreigner) 20,000kip per pax to the city centre when we get out from the bus. Every driver is offering a same rate, I guess all the tuk tuk had agreed among themselves to charge foreigner a higher rate. I tried to bargain, some of driver lower the price to 15,000 kip, and keep mentioning that everyone taking the tuk tuk to city centre is paying for the same price, what a joke! I insist to pay 10,000kip as I know that was more than enough for a local price. One of the tuk tuk agreed 10,000kip finally, but group me in a tuk tuk with few more local waiting inside. The local who can speak laos language paid about 7,500kip per pax. Understood that the local is making money from tourist for living, but it's too bad to let the local think that they could just gain their living by ripping off tourist & inflate the price unreasonably. There're many ways to work for living, but not by ripping off tourist!

  • Brad Comerford
    BradMay 2019

    Our driver from Nong Khiaw to Luang Prabang overloaded his vehicle by one person making it a very uncomfortable 3 hour trip. Driver made several stops to pick up groceries and drop off a package for Foton - He then ran over their puppy by accident and continued to drive off. Terrible service and experience glad I'll never have to use them again.

  • Winnin' Gui
    Winnin'May 2019

    Well if you plan to get your destination on time. That will not be possible, we starts at least 1 hrs late. Without, as you guess, any explanation.

  • Arnaud Titoy
    ArnaudMay 2019

    Everything went smooth at this station. No one speak English but with the sign language it is working sometimes. Took the 11am bus and departed at 11am!! Amazing! Ok the indications were not 100% clear but made it to the bus. At the end it was not a bus but a minivan (12 pers) so don’t be afraid if they are pointing you a minivan. You can buy food and drinks around the station as well.

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