Gan International Airport Executive Lounge

8555+MH2, Addu City


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  • Suranjith NK
    SuranjithMay 2019

     Welcome to Gan International Airport Originally built by the British as a staging post for its RAF during 1950s and was handed over to the Maldivian Government in 1976 with almost an equivalent of an ICAO code 4D air strip comprising of then state of the art equipment and facilities. In the National Development Plan of the early 1980s it was envisioned to develop Gan for International commercial operations through a two stage development plan with the following goals Stage 1 development Plan - Code 4C Non-Precision Approach Runway Runway - Existing length 2620m width 45m, Threshold displacement 150m rwy 28 and 10. Repair works of concrete slabs and joints Strip - A strip width of 300m to be secured and prepared in accordance with Annex 14 Taxiways - 3m shoulders to be provided on each side, overall 25m Markings - Existing Runway Designation, Runway Center line,- (Gap and stripe ~ 58m), Transverse Stripe, Threshold, Taxiway Center line,- and guidance markings to be provided and checked to meet recommendation in Annex 14, Displaced Threshold arrows, Touchdown Zone, Fixed Distance, Runway side stripe - Taxi holding position and apron markings to be provided in accordance to Annex 14 Lights - Lighting System to be checked to meet recommendations in annex 14, Approach Lighting System on reclaimed area or off-shore whichever is more convenient Non-Visual Aids - Aids tobe installed under assistance of Australian Government Programme Stage 2 development Plan - Code 4E Precision Approach Runway, Cat 1 Runway - Extension of Runway 980m to a total length of 3600m. To provide runway shoulders 7.5m on each side, total width 60m. To strengthen mid section of existing turn-arounds. Thresholds displaced 150m. Strip - Associated strip to runway extension to be prepared in accordance with Annex 14 Taxiways - Existing Taxiways to be extended to an overall width of 53m (Taxiway 23m and 15m shoulders in each side. One additional taxiway to be provided if operations  require, overall width 53m. Apron - Strengthen western part of apron Visual Aids - Markings and lighting Systems to be provided on runway extension. Non-Visual Aids - To be provide precision landing aid. Stage 1 development was completed in 1991 and services continued both day and night mainly serving domestic flights with occasional cargo flights from Colombo.

  • Marina De La Harpe-Deysel
    MarinaMay 2019

    Very clean airport. Friendly and efficient staff. The teeny tiny shop is a bit over priced though

  • Kamakhya Prasad Mishra
    KamakhyaMay 2019

    Good airport

  • Aboobakuru Moosa
    AboobakuruMay 2019

    Biggest Air Port in Maldives.....

  • NoNicheTV
    NoNicheTVMay 2019

    another dream to catch!

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