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  • Philippe Jacques Kradolfer
    PhilippeMay 2019

    The Glarner Stadtkirche or Church of Glarus, built in 1861 after a fire destroyed the old church and much of the town of Glarus. The church has two imposing towers with a strong feeling of reaching up to Heaven as you start in front. Its interior is beautifully simple but elegant and dignified. An interesting aspect of this church is that the great reformer Ulrich Zwingli is said to have preached in the original church.

  • Peter Stillhard
    PeterMay 2019

    The church is very beautiful. The windows and the organs are impressive.

  • R B
    RMay 2019

    The Stadtkirche Glarus is the Reformed main church in the village of Glarus in the canton of Glarus, Switzerland. It was built between 1863 and 1866 according to plans by Ferdinand Stadler in neo-Romanesque style as a replacement for the previous church that was destroyed in the town fire in May 1861 and served as a simultaneous church for the Reformed and the Roman Catholic denominations for around a hundred years, until the Catholics in 1964 With the Fridolinskirche, they got their own town church in addition to the castle chapel.

  • Peter Disch
    PeterMay 2019

    Because it is big

  • Nico Spiller
    NicoMay 2019

    Very nice construction. Definitely visit.

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