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  • ជា ពិសិទ្ធិ
    ជាMay 2019

    Great for taking pictures

  • Kim Toàn
    KimMay 2019

    Amazing Khmer empire. Hindu Shiva Temple. Nandi.

    RATHAMay 2019

    Preah Ko Temple, Viewed from the East... The temple consists of six brick towers arranged in two rows on a sandstone platform. It was built by King Indravarman I in the second half of 9th century AD. As said in the inscription (K.713), 879 AD, marked the year of consecration the Preah Ko temple with installation of statues of Shiva and Devi. Preah Ko was built to honor Lord Shiva and his ancestors. The six towers were dedicated to 1-Paramesvara (Jayavarman II), 2-Dharanindradevi (wife of Paramesvara), 3-Prthivindresvara (father of Indravarman), 4-Prthivindradevi (wife of Prthivindresvara), 5-Rudresvara (maternal grandfather of Indravarman), and 6-Name unknown (probably the wife of Rudresvara).

  • john b
    johnMay 2019

    A lovely small green Oasis set just back from the Mekong. Online descriptions of the ruins seem to be lifted from the larger and more famous Preah Ko in Siem Reap. However this site while small is still beautiful, well kept and is still in use as a place of worship every day. The single tower is set in a roughly circular piece of land shaded by large established trees. A modern pavilion in front of the tower houses the central cow statue, which while damaged is still beautiful.

  • San The Traveller
    SanMay 2019

    Beautiful sanctuary and very large cow sculpture.

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