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4 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Dave Pinto
    DaveMay 2019

    This is a place to avoid at all costs, the doctors here ARE NOT doctors they have no idea what they are doing. I don't know how these people get to be doctors maybe just put a white coat on and you're a doctor. If you have any serious medical needs DO NOT go to this so called hospital.

  • Jovanovic Nebojsa
    JovanovicMay 2019

    I went there for because I injured leg.Organization they don't have don't know where you need to check in first of all ,there staff (more like stuff there no people just like decoration )pretty rude and sarcastic doctor even didn't look my leg O.o ask him nicely to explain me what? how? where I need to go? he just told please leave ordination I give you description (didn't even check or look at my injury). To don't explain more about this bad situation it better go for CT polyclinic or some other private clinic and pay then to go here and waste your time and money on unprofessional doctor and nurse. Thankful for all team there really unprofessional bad service! Disappointed.

  • Ly Sunheang (CHEF)
    LyMay 2019


  • Anna Colomer
    AnnaMay 2019

    I visited the hospital for a mild case of tonsillitis and the experience was great. The visit and the medication was under 5 usd and the staff had western standards. Totally recommend 👍🏻

  • កសិដ្ឋាន ព្រែកស្វាយ
    កសិដ្ឋានMay 2019

    This is a public hospital to serve the public service. It supports the poor community

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