IV Roshe Magazin Up Kosmetika Plyus Treiding

Pieršamajskaja Street 67, Mahilioŭ


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Service 4.7
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Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
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    2May 2019

    Happy New Year! I would like up-to-date information on changes in working hours. On 12/31/2020, the site indicated the wrong end time (for an hour). Gift not purchased. In fact, the store was working one hour less, and the sheet with the schedule was changed out of time. Good luck.

  • Katsiaryna
    KatsiarynaMay 2019

    I really love the products of ivy Roche. But sometimes the consultants are too intrusive. Once even some boorish lady was caught, looking like a gypsy, and even with a mustache. Then I wanted to pick up my gift for the first level, although the second was almost full. At my request, this extremely well-mannered girl rolled her eyes, poured in for a couple of minutes that I didn't need it, and she looked at me as if I were a fool. It happens. But the store is excellent, I have been using this cosmetics for many years. Constantly promotions and gifts for regular customers. The staff are very polite. I don't even know how else to praise)

  • Андрей Петров
    АндрейMay 2019

    The staff did not like it at all. I do not like the intrusive attention of consultants, but I am more enraged when you are neither welcomed nor thanked for your purchase. Specifically, no one offered me any help. But they never forget to offer to make another purchase of 8 rubles for the sake of a gift :)

  • Любовь Романова
    ЛюбовьMay 2019

    A good, pleasant shop in a cat immediately at the entrance you can feel like it was in France. Always a pleasant aroma. All products are made in France. The prices are not budget, but the products are worth it. You have to pay for the quality. I advise you to visit.

  • Victor Kopilov
    VictorMay 2019

    Good store, but consultants are not good)

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