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4 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Irma Magana
    IrmaMay 2019

    When I went on board with Maxim many promises were made and lots of smiles. Three years later all I can say is it was the worst experience I’ve had as a parent with a child with severe disabilities and I’ve had many. The Operations Manager Paris rarely made the time to reach out to me showed no compassion for our daughters case and has no human in her. Definitely great at running a profitable business but in my opinion should not be in the business of patients care. I will never recommend Maxim to any of my friends and family. Maxim showed me very little support, bad at recruiting, high employee turn over, poor staffing, and zero compassion. However the supervising RN was amazing Celeste was the only staff that genuinely cared about the care of our daughter which is why I even lasted that long with them. If your considering using Maxim do your research before I didn’t.

  • miguel Castillo
    miguelMay 2019

    I've been working for Maxim for approximately 15 years now. I've enjoyed every aspect of what Maxim has to offer. They have given me many opportunities to work with a variety of different patients, including pediatric patients; Many of whom have been very high acuity, allowing me to master my skill set. They have hands-on skills training, as well as computer training, that keeps my skills up-to-date. The office staff is great to work with, and helps with everything I need. Maxim is highly esteemed in my life. Adam, the Director of Business Operations, really knows how to run this office.

  • Natasha Cunningham
    NatashaMay 2019

    Hello, I have been working for Maxim for 2.5 years now and they have been wonderful in giving me so much support, they are always available for their nurses by phone and or email and they have traveled several times to my hometown to check in and explain changes that may be occurring. If you can only work part time they are okay with that but if you need more hrs there are always more available. Thank you Maxim!

  • Maggie Pedersen
    MaggieMay 2019

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