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  • Kat Smith
    KatMay 2019

    Modern day Colonialism at its finest. The developer has disregarded the existence of the Barbuda people who’s lives were devastated by Hurricane Irma in 2017. A development at this scale will erase their unique culture of living sustainably off the land / sea and working cooperatively. The development is in an area with significant flood risk. Palmetto Point is located in a wetland site designated to be of international importance under the Ramsar convention. They have removed the mangroves and dunes to build luxury homes and a golf course which will have a significant impact on fishing and resilience to natural disasters. Anyone considering investing in this grand illusion should look elsewhere. Consider your conscience and role in the world. Also consider the risk for hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes… something they avoid mentioning on their website.

  • Natalie Bernardes
    NatalieMay 2019

    I didn't stay at this resort but would just like to warn on the incredibly rude French staff at the watersports area . We were walking past on the PUBLIC beach and spotted they had kitesurfing there, so we waited around to see if anyone would turn up so we could ask it they were doing lessons. They did turn up and my lord they treated us as if we were absolute scum and how dare we be there. They shouted that it was a private resort and there were signs everywhere! I must add that there was one small sign and we didn't see it as we came from a different direction. I would never pay to go there if the staff are that level rude.

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