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3.8 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Review Hog
    ReviewMay 2019

    Unfortunately, I had the worst experience with this particular edible arrangements location. I received my arrangement with a giant chunk missing from my pineapple. I swear I thought this was a joke. I have called the health department and the CEO of the company. I called to explain my situation and the lady over the phone said it would be impossible to have sent an eaten arrangement And that I should stop calling. Management is the worst. The so called owner is thee rudest one of all. She told me that I needed to stop “pranking” her employees when all I’m doing is calling to get my friends money back for a half aten arrangement they sent me!!!!

  • Nena Villalobos
    NenaMay 2019

    DON'T PURCHASE FROM THEM!!! Look elsewhere for better service. They are rude and unorganized they lie to you to cover themselves they give you a fake resolution and don't keep to it. I ordered an arrangement was not cheap either they did not follow instructions as they do what they want they disclose personal information and ripped off the message card from edibles. I contacted the CEO and cooperate and received a call from so call owner and overheard her say that quote" it's ringing I'm calling her now that the customers are gone so they won't hear me screaming at her" I told her excuse me and she begun to harassed and bully me for contacting cooperate on her and her store I hunged up and contacted them again no one should experience such behavior from a business when you giving them hundreds of dollars of business. I had been a customer since 2015 and referred them so many business to my friends and other people they lost a real good customer and the referrals that I gave as well. There's other companies they are not the only edible arrangements company. Good luck making business God forbid you have issues with them.

  • B Calles
    BMay 2019

    Never will I go here again! People that work there dont know anything they are doing. They keep changing the answers to the same question I ask. The prices always change. And if you see something online that says you need to buy "in store" they still told me to preorder it so they have time to make it. So pretty much dont do any walk ins just order ahead of time so you can give them time to get there heads together and do your order properly.

  • Joyce Kim
    JoyceMay 2019

    I ordered online and requested it to be delivered in three days. It took them three weeks to deliver it. I had to keep checking up on them and they blamed the receiver for having a full mailbox and not picking up calls. My friend was picking up all her calls and her mailbox was empty! Constantly had to follow up for a late delivery and whenever I called, they would consistently and persistently cut me off to tell me how its my friends fault that its not being delievered. Absolutely atrocious experience. I would not be surprised if the same arrangement that they supposedly made 3 weeks ago was delivered. Never will i ever order an arrangement from this franchize again and a brief complaint to my social circles proved that I wasnt alone in this experience. Hands down, the worst customer service and delivery experience i have ever had.

  • Charita Bush
    CharitaMay 2019

    Culver City Edible Arrangements- Rock! I ordered an arrangement for my Aunt in LA on-line from Pittsburgh, PA. The young lady who I spoke with before ordering on-line assured me she would get it to her that day- and she did. My Aunt loved the bouquet and said it was pretty. I'm at a disadvantage to seeing the bouquet, so I depend on my Aunts reaction and description. She's in her 80s and doesn't provide much in specific description, but when she says its big, pretty and the fruit is delicious- that's all I need to hear- as I purchased a large one for sharing! I would recommend this location!

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