San Mateo County Transit District

1250 San Carlos Avenue, San Carlos


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Reviews (15)

2.7 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Arbween Bohara
    ArbweenMay 2019

    Very poor time management. Totally exhausted and Truly disappointed with bus timing. It happens everyday.

  • Will
    WillMay 2019

    I travel using this bus service on a daily basis I leave two hours early to travel 16 miles and I have to take two different routes just to get to work. I would be ok with that but this service the KX 292 is constantly late they always have some excuse for it and I'm so sick an tired of it. This is the richest county in the entire united States and we can't even run a standard bus service. It is shameful, our money is being chewed up and stolen right out from under us and we aren't doing anything about it our complacency to turning a blind eye to the decayed and corrupt state of our country is causing these defects in the public sector and the government of California is lining his pockets with our hard earned money. I wonder how bad things need to get before we start doing something about it.

  • Chofus Chofus
    ChofusMay 2019

    Waited for an hour at school and bus never showed up. Bus #53 for Hotel Middle School

  • Elle Tolman
    ElleMay 2019

    Some routes literally just don't come at all.

  • John Paulsen
    JohnMay 2019


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