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3 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • noel garcia
    noelMay 2019

    I usually don't write reviews, I only read them then make a decision to do business with them or not. I read the one star review left and was surprised from what I read, shaking my head knowing that this bank go far and beyond for their customers. I got introduce to Thushara Liyanage and the bank around 2013 and was open with welcome hands. I recently open a new business and had a lot of support from the bank. It just seems that it is was a unfair review because this customer didn't get what he wanted, he even states that "other bankers he dealt with were not adequately informed or lacked experience but made up for it by asking questions", making me realize that this guy must think he knows it all and everyone better agree. I understand that business is business and my account will acquire fees. Its part of the show. I will continue to do business with the Royal Business Bank and have refer friends and family who have business.

  • Sandro Splendore
    SandroMay 2019

    I recommend you stay away from this bank in the Oxnard and surrounding area, especially for business purposes . Their Vice President and Regional Manager, Thushara Liyanage, lacks professionalism, integrity and tact. I had the pleasure to deal with several bankers at local branches in Westlake and Los Angeles. They were friendly and accommodating. Some of them were not adequately informed or lacked experience but they made up for it by their willingness to ask questions and be always courteous. However, in my case I had the unpleasant experience of having to deal with the regional manager as the branch manager was on vacation. Character shows when things don't go according to plan and Thushara Liyanage lack of foresight or composure will hinder any meaningful banking relationship to grow at RBB. His petty behavior, trying to charge me small fees after the bank made mistakes urged me pull my assets immediately as I could only imagine how he would act if bigger challenges, sums and transactions were in question. I recommend that any business or person look for alternative banking centers, luckily we have choices. The potential hassle, having to deal with Mr. Liyanage and experience his ineptitude and rudeness is not worth the hassle.

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