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Cleanliness 5.0
  • Sun King (Lunala099)
    SunMay 2019

    I'm a Dab Art contest applicant, Read my experience before you pay for play with Dab Art. I applied last year to one of the numerous contest this gallery holds. The gallery placed me on a "Waitlist" whatever that meant; so confusing as they stop all communication from that point. I noticed throughout the 2020/21 they had numerous calls. So I emailed them asking the basics: What's my status, I would like an update, its been year since I applied and heard from you. This email I sent them took them 3 months! to reply!!!! Dab Art replied with: "waitlist does not have a guarantee of exhibition but we do frequently pull from there when we are working on shows." What am I minor league baseball player waiting for a major league baseball call up? Its been 2 months since and counting since that replied and I haven't heard nothing from "Dab Art". But "Dab Art" isn't stopping, Oh no; they are now targeting the next crop of poor naïve artist's in this FRAUD!!! they got going. "Pay for Not Play". On Monday I plan to report Dab Art and hopefully the site I applied at can investigate Dab Art and hopefully de platform them. If this fails then heap my WARNING and experience. Conduct yourself accordingly. Just remember the Casino always wins!

  • BrekanArts
    BrekanArtsMay 2019

    If you aren't going to a scheduled event and don't have an appointment, don't bother stopping by. Otherwise it appears to be Venturas only legitimate contemporary art space.

  • Terry Hastings
    TerryMay 2019

    Great art

  • Crystal Rose
    CrystalMay 2019

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