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Reviews (23)

3.7 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Tamara Wagle
    TamaraMay 2019

    The customer service of this branch has gone so far down hill. There are never enough employees working. I understand needing to reduce some tellers to help with COVID—but knowing how this causes huge lines and makes taking care of your banking business MORE inconvenient—they should be finding ways to increase their availability. Instead, they close at random times without any reason stated or for how long, and they actually shortened the hours they are open on Saturdays. Last week, I tried to go in to do my banking only to be told that they were closing for a TWO HOUR LUNCH. Who takes a two hour lunch? Today, I go into do what I could not do last week, there is a line out the door, one teller actively working, and the other teller is doing personal business on the phone in front of everyone. My time is worth something Wells Fargo. This used to be a great branch with friendly helpful employees—I miss that!

  • Larry Liskey
    LarryMay 2019

    I just left the great Bank. Love the service. A 10* Bank. Larry Liskey

  • Brett Selvy
    BrettMay 2019

    They don't answer the phone when you call them at the number listed for this Lompoc branch. The phone just rings and rings until it goes to an automatic recording. I've tried calling them at several different times over different days, and I get the same response: no one answers the phone. This is very unprofessional. No customer service is being provided. I'm not sure how they retain their customers when these types of things keep occurring. I hope the branch manager can make improvements quickly.

  • JulD S
    JulDMay 2019

    My family just moved to the area and stopped at this WF branch on a Wednesday about noon time. The staff was very friendly and personable.

  • Rogelio Barron
    RogelioMay 2019

    They are just closing without letting customer know!! there was around 9 customer waiting for them to open last week. Website said they were open no one answer the phone.

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