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3 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • alex garcia
    alexMay 2019

    Took 4 months to get an appt. Appt lasted 15min. Referral to MRI was 2.5 months before contact. Referral to specialist took 3 months. Call line over 8 min on hold no answer. Not a very efficient place.

  • Christopher Grant
    ChristopherMay 2019

    Well this place sucks I guess they don’t expect you to have an issue on the weekend because they’re not open

  • stephanie evans
    stephanieMay 2019

    Incompetent staff with zero listening skills. I told a receptionist named Kelly that I was in the ER this past weekend and they told me to get in touch with my neuro right away for an urgent MRI. The following conversation took place. "And they didn't give you an MRI?" "It would sure seem that way." I'll admit I was also a little confused about this myself bc I know VCMC does have an MRI lab onsite but I assumed they just didn't have a neuro available the night I went in. "Oh. You already have an appointment with Dr. Powell." "Really? When?" "August 3rd." It's March 16th. Apparently there is some other definition of urgent that I'm unaware of. "No no, I need an urgent MRI. As in urgently." "Did you see Dr. Powell in the ER?" "no?? What? No." Like if I'd seen Dr. Powell in the ER why would I be desperately trying to get a hold of him right now? "I can schedule you a telehealth visit tomorrow at 1pm." Sure fine. I don't really need a telehealth visit. I really just need an MRI order but whatever. I will jump through the hoops if necessary. I checked my portal 30 seconds after I hung up. The appointment was set for Thursday the 18th. To most people, one would be referring to the 17th if they said "tomorrow" on the 16th, but idk maybe Kelly is from Australia. All I know is that Thursday at 1pm does not work for me and it's not what I agreed to. I call back once again, this time on the brink of tears bc the summary for my ER visit indicated that I could have a brain tumor and I hadn't slept all weekend due to the constant panic attacks. Not to mention the crazy symptoms that put me in the ER to begin with. I finally got through to the office manager who scheduled me for a 3:15 telehealth visit that day. Great! Maybe I can finally figure out what's wrong with me. 3:15 comes and goes. Then 3:20. 3:30. At 3:40 I call back and get Kelly on the phone again. "Hi, I was supposed to have an appointment with Dr. Powell at 3:15 and he never called." "Oh he's been trying to call you for a while now." "...what number is he calling?" Kelly reads me back my number. It's correct. "Okay, that's my number. I haven't gotten any calls and trust me I've been waiting. I just really need to talk to Dr. Powell, can you put me through?" "Well, like I said he's been calling..." "Kelly, I don't care. I really don't. I might have a brain tumor and I just want to talk to my doctor. Just please put me through to Dr. Powell. Please." Thankfully I did get to talk to my neuro, but like. The way this was handled was just absurd and caused me a ton of unnecessary stress. BTW this is not the first time I've had an issue with WVMC saying they've tried to contact me and getting no calls. Back in November I showed up for an appointment that was still booked on the portal only for them to tell me that they rescheduled it. They said they tried to notify me "several times" but couldn't reach me. Again, they read me back the number on file and it was correct. No missed calls all week. No voicemails. Idk if this is some issue with their phone service, but if it is, they should really get it fixed. 2 stars only bc my GP Kristen Thomas Moorehead is amazing and attentive and honestly deserves better than this place. Update: This morning my bf notified me that he got a phone call and voicemail from my doctor around 6pm yesterday. So they have the right number for me on file but they called my emergency contact for some reason, 2 hours and 45 minutes after my appointment was supposed to be. So weird.

  • Cynfilled
    CynfilledMay 2019

    I followed my doctor here from his other practice. Before he was attentive and helpful. Now they forget to schedule tests or specialists he recommends. He is grossly incompetent now.

  • Rideshare Professor
    RideshareMay 2019

    This is a hands on, professional clinic. From check in, to the nurses and doctors you genuinely get the feeling they really care about you.Within 90 minutes Doctor Emily Benson and her awesome staff team Amy, Michelle and another great gentleman who I spoke to had me scheduled for surgery. In that time they ran a Covid test, ran bloodwork and explained exactly how the procedure takes place. I have had many surgeries as a pro rugby player and I have been operated on in USA, Europe and South Africa. I can read a good team of doctors when I meet them. They genuinely care and manage your pain very well. Thank you

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