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Cleanliness 5.0
  • Anthony Estrada
    AnthonyMay 2019

    My journey with the Sterile Processing Program is so amazing. First I met Jess Kuizon, who set me up with all the need information and curriculum for the class. My instructor, Alexandra Diaz taught and guided me through this process. She gave me the needed tools and skills to move to the next step of the working world. The 2 1/2 months of class is challenging but fair. Gladys Kuizon coordinated my Preceptorship at one on the major local hospitals here in Orange County, California. My needed 400 hours gave me the confidence to succeed in this field. On my last day of my Preceptorship, I received a telephone call from hospital's Human Resource Department. They have offered me a position with them. I was speechless and excited at the same time. Thank You Martinson College who paved a path for me to walk on and now I have a career that I enjoy.

  • Mg Soriano
    MgMay 2019

    When I was first exploring the Sterile Processing Tech so many different school came up in my search. I choose Martinson College. Honestly the course exceeded my expectations! The staff care about their students education. Thank you teacher Alex!

  • Ivonne
    IvonneMay 2019

    I had a great experience with Martinson school. Teachers and staff were professional and very helpful since the beginning all the way to the end of my program, even after graduation. I was impressive how attentive they are to their students, any questions or confusion were politely and professionally resolved. I felt respected and I will recommend anyone who is looking for a career change to start their education with Martinson School.

  • A Laura Rebolledo
    AMay 2019

    I attended Martinson college in 2018 and Mr.Daniel helped me to have a great experience with his lectures the class can be intense but worth it, after I received my certification and couple rejections got a position at Hoag Hospital, thank you Jezz and Daniel Great .Martinson College

  • AC Sanchez
    ACMay 2019

    I didn't know it at the time, but I was going through a nervous breakdown while attending this class in 2016. I was just begining the early stages of having to be on medication for the 1st time in my life for the treatment of Major Depression Disorder, Sever Anxiety, Sever PTSD, Sever Insomnia & for being a Bipolar 2. I had a few panic attacks while attending this class & I found Daniel to be quite unprofessional as I found him shaking his head @ me & rolling his eyes even though I was very quiet & non disruptive to my class mates.

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