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3.4 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Olivia Molina
    OliviaMay 2019

    It is such a great school! I joined there MA Program and the professor Ms. A is an amazing person, who really takes the time to help you on anything you may have questions on! If you are considering this school go for it! You learn so much and everyone is so helpful. They really guide you to become the best you can be :)

  • Kelly Chaides Huff
    KellyMay 2019

    I signed up for the Pharmacy Technician program in October and right from the beginning, there were a lot of issues. I was referred by a graduate from the school and spoke to a rep Patty at CNI who is definitely an asset to CNI College - without her, I would have probably went somewhere else due to the continue frustration from the Financial Dept. When I went to the school to take the initial tests and passed, the financial rep introduced herself but didn't even have any eye contact with and was clearly focused on some other matter. Then I received a quote which was difficult to read since the Financial rep used a bolded font that was too large to make out clearly then when I did, her calculations were incorrect. Patty referred me to the Director of Finance who took my concerns through one ear and out the other. Attempting to justify the $14k difference between the costs of CNI & Santa Ana College, they made it very difficult to make the decision but when I signed up I did meet several incredible classmates which I have stayed in contact with. The director of the program would continuously use bad judgment when voicing her opinion about other students, staff and the other schools the owners provide by basically throwing the under the bus each time. The Director of Education of the school had 3 different people in 9 months and the last being the worse in my opinion. Both directors would ask for suggestions of improvement and when you provided them, they would take it personal and didn't mention that they would consider the matter to be valid when clearly it was. For example, in my case, according to the state's requirements, I completed the number of hours to submit my license's application in February but the school didn't submit it until April. To date, I have graduated and I still don't have my license which has made it extremely difficult to seek employment. My fellow classmates are in the same predicament and the students we've had to compete with at other schools have their licenses. Both directors act as if they have done a favor by sending in the applications prior to completion as stated in the paperwork in the beginning and have not indicated ever that they would correct their procedure that clearly sabotage their students rather than help them so I would definitely think twice before signing up for CNI since there were additional issues with the school that I can go more detailed with so feel free to inquire if you so desire. In all fairness, there were some helpful people and some good resources but overall, I would never recommend anyone to attend CNI - in fact, I would definitely strongly advise against it entirely!!! Luckily, I was able to find employment on my own since the career center was extremely ineffective especially since they were provided the info that I had a job then followed up with me months later to "help" me and since they have a high turnover at the school and there's definitely a lack of communication, I was contacted like I need their help - NOT!!!

  • sammy valverde
    sammyMay 2019

    Be very careful with this school , There are many serious problems here . If you are interested in coming here make sure you ask and talk to 20+ students of the program you are interested in . If you complain or have an issue with a teacher and you contact the higher ups they will forward your complain to the teacher !! this very scary . They can also change the contract if they want .

  • Karla Delgado
    KarlaMay 2019

    I was enrolled in the MA program, and Ms.A was the best instructor i’ve ever had, she really cares about her students and teaches with such passion, she took her time and helped me when I was struggling to learn a new procedure. I’m so glad I was in her class because I learned so much and what it takes to be the best MA. Randy&Nick are the best also! They helped me out when I was enrolling& making sure this is what I truly wanted to do& have kept in contact with me checking to see how i’ve been and helping me with interview questions I would recommend CNI because they have such caring staff and want to see you succeed.

  • Kasondra Duff
    KasondraMay 2019

    I have not been completely enrolled, but I am in the process. I was having problems getting my transcripts from my high school and CNI has been very helpful in getting them and letting me still do financial aid. They are working with me the best that they can, and I'm not even enrolled yet. I think that says a lot about them.

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