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3.9 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • stephanie evans
    stephanieMay 2019

    Very inconsistent. Sometimes you will get a burrito with maybe 5 pieces of meat on it and a mountain of rice, other times they put so much of everything that it comes squishing out when you take a bite. I get the same thing every time I go so there's really no excuse for it. Today the girl who made my burrito around lunchtime put so much of every single ingredient that when she wrapped the burrito half of the guac squished out the side. It fell apart while I was eating it and got everywhere. So disappointing to have to eat a burrito with a fork and knife.

  • Cris Allodoli
    CrisMay 2019

    Usually get bowls here and they have never been bad, depending on your pick it can be pricey however.

  • Kathy Pierce
    KathyMay 2019

    So, after my negative review for Chipotle, they responded. The response was “this is not the quality service we strive for.” They posted a website for “additional comments” from me. There was no explanation or resolution. Then, in reading OTHER CUSTOMERS’ reviews, they reply with the EXACT response as mine! It’s no wonder they’re going down hill.

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    AnonymousMay 2019

    My family has been patronising Chipotle since they opened. They were great!! However, the decline has been gradual, now to the point that we will never eat there again. Last night was the final time. Our two burritos were AWFUL... there's NO good point at all. They were messy; leaked thru the paper bag and soiled my leather passenger seat. The server was difficult to hear and kept getting confused on what went where; not a hard task, being almost identical. He was abrupt and acted as though he'd rather be anywhere... but there! One time during dine in my husband & I couldn't hear each other. I asked the cashier to turn it down a bit. She said no; it was corporate policy to play loud music! We had not been there in over a year. And, it was really a terrible dinner. So, it was our last visit!

  • Jacob Dean
    JacobMay 2019

    Cashier handled money and then started loading chip bags without changing gloves or washing hands. Manager told us it was normal practice at chipotle, unfortunately it's against health code and isn't "normal" anywhere

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