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3.2 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Susan Barry
    SusanMay 2019

    My all time favorite postal clerk has been working here since we first came to Ventura. Almost 30 years ago. 😃🙂

  • Sophia Dee
    SophiaMay 2019

    If i could give it a zero i would. SO infuriating called three seperate times and the automated operator continues to say i am asking to be transfered to packages when i never made a sound. And the I ask for main menu it does the same thing. I ask for operator, or AGENT as she would call it... Then she says i can't transfer you to agent without tracking number or package number, WHICH I WAS NEVER CALLING ABOUT PACKAGES. Hopefully when people actually go into the establishment the services aren't as useless as their phone system

  • Inda Reid
    IndaMay 2019

    I had a PO Box at this location for almost 4 years. I went to close down the PO Box in June 2020. The clerk named BILL at the counter told me to fill out a “permanent USPS forwarding card” (which would permanently close the PO BOX account). I said, “well here are the keys to the box- don’t you need the keys back?” He said, “no we will just make new ones. “ Cut to 3 and a half months later: Not only was my account NEVER closed, I got an email that they auto charged me for 3 more months in which I didn’t even want or need the PO box. I was told “Bill” that it was permanently closed in June when I went to the counter and filled out the forwarding card. I also found out online that I lost my key deposit because I didn’t “return them in person. “ BUT I WAS THERE IN PERSON WITH MY KEYS OVER 3 months AGO- TRYING TO CLOSE MY PO BOX and RETURN the KEYS!!!! Now I live 500 miles, away and I can’t just run back to Ventura to fix this or speak to them about it. No one answers the phone - and obviously the staff is misinformed in how to properly close a PO BOX. I think I even threw away the keys- because he said they didn’t need them. I am livid! I received an email from the USPS saying my credit card didn’t go through for 3 MORE months! For all the time and money spent, and being charged for 3 MORE months that have already passed and not getting my key deposit back...This place needs to get their act together and their employees need stop being overly confident and WRONG! I feel like I was just scammed by the USPS or they are completely ignorant of closing procedure and don’t know what they are doing. Obviously I was the one that had to pay for it. *also the website says, if you close the account online- you have 10 days to pick up your mail ”in person”, they won’t forward it. ...but I did a forwarding card 3 months ago)! Because Bill said that would close my PO BOX account. Again, they should have closed my account months ago, taken my keys that I tried to five them, and refunded me for the remaining time. This is not how you should treat a long time client.

  • Brian Hampton
    BrianMay 2019

    Patient and informative staff. Friendly clerks and we'll maintained grounds. A perfect example of how a Post Office should be.

  • Chera Minkler
    CheraMay 2019

    Very helpful

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