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4.2 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Walt Tramontana
    WaltMay 2019

    Not a fan. Subway has some gall. $17 for a footlong 'combo' or meal. Your sandwiches have the least amount of meat out of any of your local competitors, and their bread always tastes fresher. The only thing good about this location is the late night customer service. This place provides such a terrible value. The ice maker doesn't even work here. Transients are allowed to loiter outside and harass patrons. My last two visits in these past two weeks are reminders of why I stopped going here for late nights when I get off work.

  • Richard Tyler
    RichardMay 2019

    everyone probably knows this place but I'm giving them for five stars for a couple reasons. first the one on Ventura avenue anyway is open 24 hours a day I actually hated Subway I thought until one night about 1:30 in the morning coming home freezing cold and starving LOL I stopped there because it was the only game in town and got their hot meatball sandwich I fell in love :-) since then I've learned the food is actually very good they have five different kinds of bread you can choose from toasted or not they're very quick and you can have the sandwich exactly the way you want it what more can you ask for personally I like the BMT with extra dressing my friends swears by the Philly cheesesteak so it's all good

  • Judith Wald
    JudithMay 2019

    I had the most disturbing disrespectful experience ever. I will never go back. You couldn't pay me to step into this place ever again! Not for any price. To say I was discriminated against would be an understatement, I literally had things flung at me. I stopped in on my way to the laundry mat guess I didn't "look" right being a disabled pedestrian handling her business.

  • Luke Forehand
    LukeMay 2019

    Anyone inclined to think all Subways are the same may be just as pleasantly surprised as we were! This Subway finally sliced their onions and bell peppers were very generous with the ingredients and even went out of their way to offer a coupon because we forgot hours in the car! I believe the employee's Name Was Elijah and I I am very impressed to receive such high quality service at a local fast food chain!

  • Chuck Collier
    ChuckMay 2019

    Love it, love it,love it. Fresh food, great prices, nice employees. Just wish they would have coffee.

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