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4.2 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Mandy Jeanette
    MandyMay 2019

    New review: 8/13/2021 Anyone who goes out on a Friday night should expect a wait. So waiting 40 minutes was fine. We walked around the Esplanade and had a great time. Once our table was ready we went back and was seated right away. The restaurant was oddly empty for the amount of people outside waiting. Our server had 3 tables in his section and one was finished already. We sat and waited 20 minutes before he even came up to ask if anyone has helped us. We told him no and that we've been here 20 minutes. He said okay I'll be right back. He went and started talking to the 5 hostess at the counter. We waited another few minutes before we decided to leave. I've worked in a restaurant for years. Had our server been slammed I'd have understood. But to not even get a glass of water with in 20 minutes of sitting down is crazy. I'd be embarrassed to be the manager of this location. We ended up going to the Cheesecake Factory and had an awesome experience there. Date night was not ruined! Old review: The food is always delicious unless you bring kids and order off the kids menu. I went last weekend and the server was awful. We even got lectured for going to the bar when we were tired of waiting for her to come back.

  • Lash Raith
    LashMay 2019

    When I went I came with a large group the staff was friendly. Everyone got their order relatively quickly considering how packed it was. I ordered a bacon hamburger well done no pickles, it came medium rare with pickles. It took the waitress awhile to check on us again so the food I did taste from my companions plates and my side of fries was good. Then when the waitress returned everyone else was done so I asked for a replacement to go. When I got home and opened the box my hamburger was burned and there was no bacon. I ended up just throwing it in the trash it was only $10 but it was $10 wasted.

  • Jim Knapp
    JimMay 2019

    If I could split my response into parts the food would be a 4 1/2, the service would be a 3, and the timeliness would be a 2. Food was well prepared and very tasty Service wasn't great, but apparently fairly new waiter was doing his best and trying very hard to please. Timeliness best described by approx one hour between order placed and main dishes served. Why are napkins and utensils only brought to table when main dishes are served (not just our table) even when an appetizer is served (we had clam chowder)?

  • Galen T
    GalenMay 2019

    Terrible experience. They must be short on employees. Almost empty restaurant at 7pm. Waited half hour to be seated. Waited another half hour to get our order taken. Over half hour to get our food. To top it off it took over 15 minutes to pay. Won't be back.

    ANGELAMay 2019

    The waitress was super nice. The food was exactly what we ordered. Simply delicious! Very happy with my visit today! Thank you!

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