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Reviews (1259)

4 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Raptor V
    RaptorMay 2019

    Good environment. Drinks are decent, very sweet for the most part lots of juice not much liquor. Food is good, nothing out of the ordinary. Good Mexican food that will leave you full. Nachos and margaritas are my go to! Beware of them double charging your card and staff for the most part isn’t friendly.

  • Nikki M.
    NikkiMay 2019

    It has indoor & outdoor dining. The staff is really friendly & helpful. I had a great time with my friends.

  • Cheri Comer
    CheriMay 2019

    This was a great beach bar! Excellent food and great atmosphere! Continue to go there every chance I get. Loved the food, the people, the staff members and most of all the location!!

  • Daniel Moran
    DanielMay 2019

    If i were to be writing this review 3-4 years ago my rating would probably would have been 4 star but the quality of this place has fallen substantially. They need to revisit what is working and what isn't because u used to be here every weekend back then and it was fun! Now it seems like a bar in a small town...

  • sharon wilson
    sharonMay 2019

    I went here for dinner I found out it was just too much going on it was nice that they had the outside dining area but you had to take a picture of yourself before you go in and show your ID which was just a little bit too much then when we got there is a Mexican restaurants normally when you go to Mexican restaurants you get free chips and dip and salsa but they want to charge you for every little thing and the chips were stale and I think I paid like $5 for it and I'll just thought that was just a little bit too much for still chips and salsa then they ordered the chicken for I ordered the fajita plate and the fluffy is were good not a lot barely enough for one person they said they had guacamole cheese and sour cream on the side which is like a teaspoon and I asked them that they have guacamole with the meal they told me no but then I so I ordered more guacamole 10 bucks and I was like that's just too much when I got it they had guacamole on the plate yes a teaspoon but it was still guacamole on the plate and then it was just so much stress I didn't enjoy the dining experience at all and end up spending $80 on a meal that should have cost me $10 but I paid and I will never go back there again and thank you for the not good service

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