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Reviews (1898)

4.4 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Gregory Gonzaque
    GregoryMay 2019

    What has happened to Tony P’s food quality? We were there tonight and ordered three meals. The salads were left over from last night and the pasta was cooked last night it was not the Tony P’s I knew two years ago. The Cajun chicken tasted like it was marinated for about twenty minutes. Our waitress, however , was absolutely phenomenal; her name was Charlotte. She would’ve done anything to make us happy and keep us happy but obviously she has no control over what food is being put on the plate so we never mentioned it to her but I am most disappointed with the food.

  • Duke Speer
    DukeMay 2019

    An excellent lunch served very quickly. The Louisiana creole was rich with flavor and plenty of seafood. The lunch size fish and chips was perfection with two large fillets of cod. Both were servings large enough to share. The "award winning" Bloody Marys earned their accolades (they are very tall and flavorful doubles, so don't be surprised by the $24 price.)

  • Petahyah Little
    PetahyahMay 2019

    My family went to Tony P's for dinner on Sunday night 8/22/21 the night before my son was leaving to return to college in South Dakota the next morning. My wife had been to Tony P's on many occasions and considered this restaurant a good places to eat. Well that changed on this night because we had a server named Lisa, who basically ignored us the entire evening. Lisa came to take our order for drinks and food simultaneously. When my 79 year old father was undecided she rushed him into making a choice right then and there, that was unacceptable. We did not receive our bread until we asked Emilio to bring us some, all the while our server Lisa skipped past our table all evening. When we asked her for something we needed she told us that she had other tables to serve and that she'll will be with us shortly but never came back. All the while, once again tending to and holding conversations with other tables. At first we thought she was overwhelmed because she told us that she was new but apparently we started getting the feeling that it was because we were African American and the only ones there. We talked to a manager that said he has been working there for 13 years but couldn't solve our issues or concerns. I food finally arrived but our Father's food never came out. We started eating because it was late now and our Father's food never came out even after the manager of 13 years stated he wanted to make sure no one was leaving hungry. At that point my father didn't even want his food. The server Love said still hadn't returned to our table at this point. Mark Shift finally came to the rescue and started servicing in the proper manner that should have been the norm. Emilio who I took to be the bus guy took care of us more than our server Lisa. My father had to take his food to go and we left the tip with Emilio for doing a great job with us. With that being said we will never return to Tony P's ever again, and we will definitely spread the word amongst friends, family, and associates that if you're African American this is not the place for us. I will leave this same review on all platforms. Thumbs down to this restaurant and service.

  • Romy 19
    RomyMay 2019

    Excellent food with great and attentive service from employees. The owner, Tony, even came to our table to greet 2 of the birthday celebrants. Tony also took the time helping the celebrant's 4 year old granddaughter with scratches from playing outside by the sidewalk at the dock. Priced reasonably for its location with great view. Would love to come back. Thank you Tony and the crew.

  • Kevin Cabral
    KevinMay 2019

    Got a chuckle from the tourist oriented menu claiming every dish was voted 'best of' by locals but I'll say it's no tourist trap either. Good fish & chips, clams and bar fair with a marina view and nice beer selection with big screen sports. Recommended for a casual bite whether local like me or tourist staying at nearby hotels.

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