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  • Sandy Lipkin
    SandyMay 2019

    My son started with Gina with private lessons sometime in mid-2019. He was in 7th grade and I wanted to provide him with some emotional intelligence by way of imagining what it was like to be another person, i.e., acting. It was not my intent that he have a career doing so, but that his character and maturity be enhanced. Gina did a tremendous job given that goal in getting him more confident in not only his execution but in himself as a person. We found that he had quite a sense of humor, a knack for accents and a lot of characters hidden inside of him. He has since written short little monologues for himself and make voice reels and submitted them for jobs. The transformation was remarkable and, for me anyway, in so many ways unforeseeable. Finding this for him has been a true blessing and I am constantly amazed at the multiple talents of Gina Nemo and how she has helped him, all with fun, patience and humor. We will continue with this journey and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  • Lea Roman
    LeaMay 2019

    I started taking classes at VAS in Oct 2020. Acting has been my passion since I could remember. I’ve done many small projects since the age of 9. Looking back now, being 5 months into training with Gina Nemo at VAS, I realize, I was never guided in the right direction when it came to my acting. I loved acting and was content with the small projects. Since working with Gina, I learned that I’ve always been holding myself back and I’m capable of going BIG! The FIRST day in class, she saw exactly what had been holding me back from going forward with pursuing a successful career. I could never pinpoint it, but she saw it right away. Gina shares her critiques with grace and encouragement. The growth in my acting has happened extremely fast! Since being in class, I’ve been booking commercials like crazy! Not only does she teach you technique, but she guides you on a road of confidence. I’ve NEVER felt this confident in my life... and I’m no spring chicken! 😅 In fact, I recently got picked up by a talent agency partly because my confidence was present. It’s only been 5 months with VAS and my career is growing so fast. There’s nothing like being cheered on and knowing someone believes in you. Gina is a true gem. You don’t have to train in Hollywood to make it. VAS is the real deal. I know I’m headed on a successful path and it wouldn’t be possible without Gina Nemo!

  • R. Keith
    R.May 2019

    I had the pleasure of working with Gina and also with the other instructor, Pete. While both classes are centered around the same main topic, they both offer a different approach and focus on two areas of acting. This is amazing for anyone who is interested in learning how to act. Gina runs the camera intensive class. She is an amazing teacher, extemely patient, and very knowledgeable on acting, singing, and anything creative really. She is a great teacher to learn from, and she she does an amazing job of giving individual attention, to make sure all your questions are answered. Pete runs the Saturday classes, and gives a different approach to acting, with a more improv and scene reading approach, which is amazing for providing an all around experience with the class. Even though young, Pete has over 10 years of acting experience, and it shows. He is very professional, and he makes his classes fun, and also demonstrates patience a professionalism. I am grateful to have found both of them, as they have helped me become less nervous about trying out something that I have no idea about. Kudos to both of you, you make a great team.

  • Wes Saman
    WesMay 2019

    Hmmm... VAS, well first things first, Great school. Great People! Gina, (head instructor) has helped me break out of my shell and im on my way to conquering my goals. With the help of Gina and Pete, (improv intstructor), im movin faster than ever. Great things to come in the future! 5/5!

  • Juliana Juarez
    JulianaMay 2019

    I’ve been taking classes at Ventura Actors Studio (VAS) for several months and I have learned so much. I’ve really enjoyed working with the head instructor and owner Gina Nemo. Gina has helped me to not only develop my technique, but also build up my confidence. She genuinely cares about her students. With all of her instruction I am miles away from where I first started in only a few months. The school offers headshots, a variety of classes including improv, scene work, private instruction, and on camera audition courses. Classes are held several days a week and even on the weekend, which is very convenient. Everyone I’ve met at VAS has been so supportive and friendly. There is a family unity there which helps especially when you’re just starting out. I’m currently taking three classes. I take classes during the week with Gina and a class on Saturday with Pete Ryan, who’s also been a great instructor. The prices are reasonable and I highly recommend joining VAS if you want to pursue an acting career. There you will develop your technique, but also get vital tips on how to perform at an audition, insider information on the business, access to special workshops, casting opportunities, and much more.

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