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Cleanliness 5.0
  • Vanyy
    VanyyMay 2019

    I really enjoy being a student in the medical assistant program. All the teachers and students are very welcoming and take the time to make sure you understand the material. Everytime when we go into labs I'm always excited to start a new day. You learn something knew everyday and really makes you feel fulfilled and have lots of passion. It's a very great experience and lot of fun, so it doesn't even feel like work.

  • R S
    RMay 2019

    instructors lied about my grades so they would look good and so the "school" would get the loans to keep coming. i have witnesses and proof!! In process of filing with all agencies required to make this "college" pay for what happened. Dean walters also lied to my face and others. id rather be honest & fail and not lie & pass after my loans were used up they kicked me out 2 days before completion and only 3 out of 30+ passed the MCP test and 2 of the 3 admitted to cheating in order to pass,,,,, bait and switched the curriculum from XP to Windows 7 halfway through. and changed the certification test, then made it mandatory we passed it in order to "graduate" .....contact me for more info on this... Also got graded on assignments I never turned in.... Like A's and B's...

  • Rayleene Friend
    RayleeneMay 2019

    I am close to finishing my program here at charter, it has been a really good experience for me here! The teachers are very kind and helpful Ms.Starr is one of my teachers I had almost every mod here and she has helped me feel comfortable in this field and with learning everything the right way!

  • Robert Rowan
    RobertMay 2019

    Very helpful and friendly staff. Great place to learn and grow.

  • Vanesa Cortez
    VanesaMay 2019

    I love the staff! They helped me and were patient with me every step of the way.

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