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  • Shannon Lawrence, L.AC, MATCM
    ShannonMay 2019

    I’m an alumni of Yo San and greatly enjoyed my time in the Master’s Program. I am currently enrolled in the Doctoral program. Yo San prepares its students very well for the “real” world and teaches not only practical components of TCM but also focuses on the rich history of the medicine, the future of the medicine and teaches healing in its truest forms. The faculty includes instructors from all over the world both seasoned and newer practitioners. The student body is diverse and come from all walks of life and are friendly and competitive in a nurturing way. Students work together, study together and stay friends when their studies at Yo San are complete. I met two of my best friends here and it has been such a rewarding experience.

  • Rosa Camacho
    RosaMay 2019

    Yesterday was my first time going to Yo San University my issue is anxiety and depression when I got there I was so nervous desperate once they caleed me to see what was wrong I started telling them how Im was feeling after that we did the treatment boy I felt so relax they ate wonderful Im going to continue my treatment borh Dr and student were great thank you such a nice place.

  • Michael Morris
    MichaelMay 2019

    Awesome Experience for sprained Ankle

  • Keto Kyah
    KetoMay 2019

    Awful place!! I went for a free accupuncture appointment I received as a gift for touring the school. During my elevator ride I was viciously mad dogged by an older chinese man who worked there as though I shouldnt have been there. I felt a very uncomfortable and racist vibe. Next I saw the acupuncturist he was a younger chinese man I felt he was just faking friendliness. He asked me some personal questions and I just overall felt a negative vibe. He proceeded to do the accupuncture he took my wrist and hit a nerve I dont know what he did but it hurt so badly!! I am pretty sure it was done on purpose and I noticed afterwards my whole body was in pain I felt AWFUL! And my wrist hurt for weeks. I had pain in my body for a whole month like he did something to damage my energy. Go to emperors college instead. Stay away from here!

  • Robert Hoffman
    RobertMay 2019

    As a Yo San graduate I may be biased, but the education I got at Yo San far exceeds what I have witnessed from graduates of other programs. The faculty is top notch, and Dr. Lau runs a very tight ship. They have some of the highest pass rates in the country for state and national boards. This school absolutely prepares students for a great future as TCM practitioner!!

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