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Reviews (18)

5 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Quý Nguyễn
    QuýMay 2019

    The staff is funny, sociable, and experienced, almost a pro. Overall it's great

  • Thi Huyen Bui
    ThiMay 2019

    Friendly and easy-going staff. Hehe. Cheap price stuff. Since I know swag vape, I always buy stuff from the shop. More review is good water, reasonable price. The vape brothers are very civilized, coming in and out of the door to not let the scattered smoke affect others. There are many lines of juice, many lines of machines. I just played it simply and had a little smoke to be polite, but the staff still advised me very much about the mistress's children. There are some boys who must be a little younger than me, still bowed. Especially when I come to the shop, I always pay attention to the staff attitude. The people here work very professionally, washing hands and cleaning hands after changing coils, cotton for guests. Wipe with a wet towel and pat dry to return the suction to the client. All guests are welcome, guests will thank you with all greetings. Not an industrial greeting, but a brotherly greeting, homies together, friendly and open. Having experienced quite a few vape shop but this is a shop in my experience and my personal opinion is professional, civilized and friendly.

  • Cao Chien
    CaoMay 2019

    The owner is cute and handsome, looking at him makes me fall in love, he has the same quality as the vape he sells

  • Duc Tran
    DucMay 2019

    Friendly, handsome staff. Quality products, prestige 10/10

  • vi tran thi tuong
    viMay 2019

    Products at swag vape Bien Hoa are very rich in variety of models, The price is better than other places, the space is clean, the staff is professional and enthusiastic, and especially there are many very pretty girls. . The quality of the product is not because it's genuine, I've used vape products bought here a lot, so I feel ok, the store is reputable and has many attractive incentives for old customers, so I often buy here and will visit many more times :)

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