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4.3 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Laura the Explorer
    LauraMay 2019

    The most gorgeous views from the pool and hot tub you can imagine!

  • Whitney Chapman
    WhitneyMay 2019

    Stayed with a friend here at the resort for three nights as a part of the AVEDA pure privilege program. Unfortunately, it is not what I expected whatsoever. The massage was lovely, and some of the staff are pleasant (Tony, Carleen, Sandyeon) but otherwise the staff was rather unwelcoming and somewhat insincere. Limited things to do at the resort (aside from eating at the two dining establishments or swimming at the pool(s). Since it was an AVEDA salon I decided to treat myself with a pedicure. I wound up having to wash my hands in the pedicure basin. Not sure why that is standard there, but the nail technician didn't seem to mind. The gym equipment was rusted and highly outdated. Since the amenities were limited/lacking, we decided to traverse out to the closest beach (Jolly Harbor) and the nicest thing about the area was the beach. The area surrounding the resort is absolutely awful. The area is highly low-socio-economic status, the facilities were not clean, and it just made for an all-around poor experience. The resort is the nicest thing about being in that vicinity and that isn't saying much. You have to wonder with the money AVEDA has, why would they choose Antigua to set up a resort they DO NOT maintain. Perhaps an off-shore interest to keep taxes minimal? I'm overall upset about the experience and I felt even more empathetic toward my friend who on the last day upon our departure had her bag run over by the shuttle driver that left her rather pricey tablet broken to bits. The resort reimbursed her for her losses, but the principle remains that it should not have happened to begin with.

  • P J
    PMay 2019

    Had a very nice meal at Sugar Ridge Club. Service was excellent and delivered with pleasant humour. Had actually booked by phone to go to Carmichaels, we were directed by 2 staff members on the night where to go to be eventually told by reception that it was closed. Found this a little odd that the person who took our booking plus the staff on site were unaware of this point..... However, we enjoyed our night none the less.

  • Stephane Pageau
    StephaneMay 2019

    Be very careful with this hotel. I made a reservation in August for a stay mid November at the time their website was saying they would reopen on November 5. Now, their hotel says they would reopen December 10 and they did not contact me to mention that my reservation was no longer valid. They don't answer when you call. I would not trust this hotel if I were you, unless you want them to mess with you and change when they would reopen and not notify you. They should close permanently if they cannot provide reliable customer service.

  • Benjamin Towers
    BenjaminMay 2019

    Try Carmichael's restaurant 🥂🇦🇬🤟🏾

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