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  • Hensley Isaac
    HensleyMay 2019

    40 years ago there wasn’t jolly harbour, only the lonely jolly beach hotel. All the areas which constitutes jolly harbour and all it amenities were a partiality dying mangrove which was mainly caused by the dumping of the said hotel sewage. All that area were forested with coconut plant a very wide variety of mangrove plant and marine life which thrives in jolly hill salt ponds. The residence in the nearby villages sees this area as unfit for home building and rendered the land useless. The three main streams the runs from the mountainous interior into the area usually run off millions of gallons of water and wastage into the mangrove delta after heavy rain. It is rumoured that that whole mangrove wetland and unknown sand mines were sold out for $1.00 by the government. Construction work started shortly thereafter in the 1980’s and the area evolved into what is called jolly harbour. Today this development poses some serious problems during the rainy season, the rivers can empty into the mangrove with the narrow stream width that the developers prescribed. That part of Bolans the extent in this area is under flood watch every year.

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