Vietnamese Consulate General

V4PH+7V6, Luang Prabang


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Reviews (22)

4.2 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Lori M
    LoriMay 2019

    Best governmental experience ever! The staff is friendly and helpful. The process to getting a visa is super straightforward and easy. The place is air conditioned, clean, with filtered water, cool maps, and guide books, I didn’t want to leave. 😉

  • Rana Pahari
    RanaMay 2019

    The opening hours are morning 9 to 11 and evening 2 to 4 . The fees is $55 ,1 month stay , collect passport after 2 days , express service get visa one day $85 . You can check more scroll through my pictures i uploaded the picture for the different Visa types. staff was nice . They take USD and kip . The have parking facilities. The have free WiFi . Easy to see from moving vehicle .

  • Agnieszka Mirkowska
    AgnieszkaMay 2019

    I never thought that applying for a visa can be such a nice experience that it literally made my day! I want to say thank you to the amazing woman at the consulate, who gave me a map of Vietnam and took her time to mark all the best places plus showed me the pics in albums :) And she did it with a gorgeous smile.

  • Marco Liguori
    MarcoMay 2019

    Helpful staff, easy process...

  • Tyler Whitehead
    TylerMay 2019

    Went it to ask some questions about e-visa and entering Vietnam via land borders. The male employee was helpful and friendly, gave me a map and let me take an application form. Like other reviewers have said, cost for a 30 day single entry is $55 with two days processing time. With this option you will get a full-page sticker (a nice souvenir) versus the e-visa which you just get a stamp. The worker recommended I do e-visa, which is $17 online and then I present that paper to the border. He said I will have to pay again at the border for a stamp but didn't specify the amount. I also asked about the two land borders that I will likely use, and he said I would be going through either Nâm Cán or Na Méo since I'm headed to Hanoi. Hope this helps you out. Good luck!

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