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3.3 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Māris Krievelis
    MārisMay 2019

    Poor service, poor water quality, (calcareous) no understanding vsp. Then their pistol breaks into another car. After washing the engine for them the compressor does not work, tells me to expel the sun so that there is 15min. Bad, I don't recommend.

  • Līga Ozola
    LīgaMay 2019

    A visit to this car wash left me with very negative impressions. First of all, when we arrived at this laundromat after a 3-day trip from the UK, the employee of this laundromat surprised me very much by looking at the car interior and saying - oh horror, how dirty the car is to you. Although the car had only sand from shoes and crumbs from food. And even if it was dirty, the service provider should not make such a reply to the customer. Then, however, we only chose body washing. While my husband was driving the car to the laundry, this employee approached another colleague and started making fun of us and our car. I heard everything. Then I noticed the price list. Oh horror, at such a price could wash the bus instead of the car. Aaa ... what else, the employee refused to let us out of the car because he sees rain spraying out and there is no point in wiping my car. When the machine dried, it looked awful. Dear people, do not use this laundry. If only you don't feel sorry for € 50 for a clean car, given LV's income level. P.S. UK full machine cleaning, washing, outside and inside, plus still giving the air flavor up, costs £ 15.

  • Nauris V
    NaurisMay 2019

    If in the past there was a somewhat connected laundry, now she is lowered to the last. Inadequate amounts (about to get on the car and tell) and the staff really, as someone wrote, look like something has come together. Dear people, if there is a chance to avoid here. Sad situation.

  • Renāte Nelsone
    RenāteMay 2019

    A year ago everything was fine, I left with a really dirty salon. In the price list, the price for cleaning the cabin from 13EUR, the employee came to the solids, said that I would be 15, because the needles in the trunk, etc. I agreed, I cleaned. Today, leaving, one without looking at the car, asked for 30 !!! I don't want to be a judge, but now the employee was inadequate. Or tangled, or just "punched."

  • Māris Jansons
    MārisMay 2019

    Super unkind attitude !!!

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