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Reviews (19)

3.7 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • harijs dimants
    harijsMay 2019


  • Kārlis Sējējs
    KārlisMay 2019

    Eve and Victoria take time. A simple action takes more than 20 minutes. Poor service.

  • Gints Turlajs
    GintsMay 2019

    I urge you to be socially responsible and not use TLE2! Very massive and large-scale mass fraud. When the company is interested in TELE2 mobile telephony services, it sells a relatively expensive connection compared to competitors' prices for the same service, but the employee of the company prepares it without the customer knowing that it is a 50% discount service. After it turns out that the competitors' offer is about 5 times more profitable by agreeing to it, TELE2 suddenly pays a penalty for breach of contract that I had not been informed at the time of entering into and offering the contract. What about the free telecoms hub and the right to change operator? Of course, TELE2 puts it in debt soon enough and threatens to sue. We do not have the moral right to pay such an absurdity, because then this success will inspire them to massively steal Latvian citizens and businesses. Huge shame on them!

  • Gints Graumanis
    GintsMay 2019

    It didn't make a good impression, it seems the girls are not in the right place ... I would be happy if I had such a job ... but for him it looks like ... well not like a job, there is something to compare, I will say -5 stars ...

  • Raimonds Dzenis
    RaimondsMay 2019

    Friendly service ....

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