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Reviews (16)

3.9 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Eric Silinsh
    EricMay 2019

    Ļoti slikta apkalpošana, veikals bieži ir slēgts vidū dienas, pārdevējs kaut kur staigā vairāk kā 20 minūtes. Pārdevējs nekompetents, nevar skaidri atbildēt uz jautājumiem.

  • Katerina Verbilo
    KaterinaMay 2019

    A very knowledgeable, kind, approachable and professional employee works in this store! Helped me a lot with the phone and accessories. I did not record the name, but worked on 07.08.2020 around. 17.00. With all due respect! Good service! Thanks!

  • Everita Zviedre
    EveritaMay 2019

    On a Wednesday afternoon on the Wednesday afternoon, I made a small order in this bodybuilder, which delved into the store perhaps on Friday afternoon, but most likely on Saturday or Monday. I said that after the pickup I was able to arrive the fastest Monday in the second half of the day, to which I was excited to say: oooo, then the order would already be in the store and wait for his buyer. Such a nice boyfriend created the impression that he was working that day. One contact asked for a contact. Come on Monday, I arrived late in the afternoon after the promised order, and now it started a purse! The impression of the worker is another person and even gives a slight disgust, because in the locker behind his back indecently long sought to dig it like there is not at all! Finding that there was no looking for a serious face to look at the computer, turning the mouse up, down, about 20 minutes for about 20 minutes, so that he should manually pull out the historic parchment that was finally pronounced "hang"! Over the lips, she got the words "not yet" and "or someone called" and "maybe tomorrow". This text was irresponsible but seriously annoyed because the words were very holy promised that on Monday I could safely go by the precise and without all that, in my contacts there was the reference "sms"! The anger most about what was promised was that I did not even live in Ogre city, which resulted in waste of time, resources devastated confidence in the particular store "BALTIC DATA", and so far, to this day, there is no information about the order. It's good that it's such a universal nickname as a visor for a new phone that could not be bought at any other store in that building, so I also agreed to order what the guy kindly offered me on Wednesday. Well, I did not solve the situation in a different way. I just want to add that from my part of the staff guys the public "fui" about the secrets of competence and responsibility, and other visitors to the store recommend not to make orders, because it is unknown about its execution, time frames, and already questionable compliance with the criteria of compatibility!

  • Aigars Počs
    AigarsMay 2019

    I really didn't like the service.

  • linda bildere
    lindaMay 2019


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