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  • Chen Hannah Weizmann
    ChenMay 2019

    Even though I didn't end up going inside the museum itself due to lack of time, the place looks great, filled with books and all sort of items made by local artists. We also had a quick chat with the lovely woman there, she shares some key facts of Icelandic history.

  • Chetan Shah
    ChetanMay 2019

    It was the start of Winter and the entire area was snow lassen. A while sheet all accross gave a mesmerizing effect.

  • Matthew Heuett
    MatthewMay 2019

    The museum exhibits were nicely informative and imaginatively displayed. I was particularly impressed with the facsimiles of illuminated medieval manuscript pages that had sections that could be pulled out of the wall to reveal an explication of that part of the illustration. The rest of the grounds were well-maintained and easily accessible.

  • Prem Sagar Tewari
    PremMay 2019

    wonderful place

  • Antal Hasselaar
    AntalMay 2019

    Fun place to see when you are around. Looks like almost the whole village is dedicated to Snorri Sturluson. A lot of information about history is there.

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