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  • Sól Braut
    SólMay 2019

    Classic Icelandic Timberchurch

  • Tom300
    Tom300May 2019

    The old church in Reykholt was built between 1885 and 1887 and was a parish church until 1996. It now belongs to the construction museum of the National Museum of Iceland and is open to visitors to Reykholt.

  • Andrea Ferretti
    AndreaMay 2019

    A classic Icelandic pine church with a cemetery attached to the side.

  • Francisco Santana
    FranciscoMay 2019

    Old church with its cemetery. In this village lived Snorri Sturluson writer, historian and politician. He traveled a large part of the island to settle in this city of Reykholt, where he married at the age of twenty married a rich heiress, years later separated, leaving him two children. He composed much of his literary work, which highlights the Egil Saga. At 35 he was elected head of the Althing (legislative assembly) of Iceland. In the year of 1218 he traveled to Norway. In the court of King Haakon IV of Norway he received the title of lendmann or baron. Snorri pledged with the Norwegian king to have the Icelanders accept the dependence on Norway. Upon returning to Iceland, he sent his son to Norway as a hostage. Under these circumstances he was declared a traitor of Iceland. And later in Norway he was declared a traitor for not having fulfilled his promise of annexation. In the year of 1224 he married for the second time, which made him the richest man in Iceland. After the civil war in Iceland, Snorri was killed by Árni beiskur and other men of Gissur Þorvaldsson, vassal of the Norwegian king who was instructed to assassinate Snorri. In 1241, Gissur went with many men to Snorri's house and did his job. The legend says that before he died, Snorri's last words were: "Eigi skal höggva!" (Don't cut my head!).

  • Viktor Šmidt
    ViktorMay 2019

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