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  • János Palotás
    JánosMay 2019

    The museum is the largest collection of agricultural history in Iceland. From 1880 to the XX. Until the end of the 20th century, he introduced agricultural activities and the tools and machines that facilitate them. It commemorates the handicraft craft, such as blacksmiths, craftsmen, etc. crafts, horse-drawn gear. Here you can see two- and four-wheeled carts, sledges, tillage equipment, plows, harrows, swathers, drills, etc. Milking and processing equipment are also not missing. In the XX. The 20th century brought a significant change in the production of food and feed. The utilization of petroleum products and the fuels produced from it also revolutionized the tools used in agriculture. Horse-drawn implements were replaced by a series of machine-towed carts and tillage equipment. The car and truck are also displayed. The exhibition presents machine-driven high-powered plows, seeders, levelers, harvesters, threshing machines, and more. Most of the machines have been imported to the island, so we can follow the technical and technological development of some engine factories. You can see Ford, Ferguson, John Deer and so on. the evolution of tractors over a century, the increase in the pulling power of machinery (as a result of mechanization, cultivated areas increased significantly in Iceland at that time). Passenger and freight vehicles have also changed and developed in the same way. In the XX. After the 20th century, the XXI. The cars and cars of the 20th century show even greater changes, but they are still missing from the exhibition.

  • Kjartan G. Kr.
    KjartanMay 2019

    Interesting collection

  • Bjarni Guðmundsson
    BjarniMay 2019

  • Gísli Kristján Jónsson
    GísliMay 2019

  • Guðmundur Finnbogason
    GuðmundurMay 2019

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