Menntaskóli Borgarfjarðar

Borgarbraut 54, Borgarnes


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  • János Palotás
    JánosMay 2019

    The Menntaskol Borgarfjarðar (= Borgar-fjarðar Gymnasium, MB) is a general gymnasium in Borgarnes. The school was established in May 2006 but was formally opened on 22 August 2007. MB is a private school with 160 shareholders at the start. The biggest investor is a local bank (SPM = Sparisjódur Mýrarsýslu) and the municipality. The intention of the founders was to establish a major secondary school in the area, which, with its experimental programs, was seeking new ways to achieve its pedagogical goals. In the first period, there were two university preparatory programs in the social sciences and the natural sciences, and two other programs, the General High School and the Preparatory for Work. One of the important innovations was that the school prepared its students for matriculation in three years, instead of the four years usual in Iceland, and used a developmental assessment instead of the traditional tests. Since then, several schools have adopted the practice of Bennarfjarðar in Menntaskol. Recently, in addition to existing educational programs, two new ones have been launched: athletics (sports) and science education for agricultural careers. The high school has 130 students, 14 teachers and 5 other employees. The headmaster of the school is Guðrún Björg Aðalsteinsdóttir and his deputy is Lilja S. Ólafsdóttir. Menntaskoli Borgarfjarðar is a small and friendly school where teachers and staff work to create a good school in an innovative way with innovative approaches.

  • Magnús Óskar
    MagnúsMay 2019

  • Þóra Kristín Stefánsdóttir
    ÞóraMay 2019

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