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3 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Lena Harlass
    LenaMay 2019

    There is one washing machine and one dryer. You can get coins from the shop next door. The machines were clean, fast and worked well.

  • Moira Fälber
    MoiraMay 2019

    The washing machine and the dryer are very clean. You need coins (100isk) to turn it on but the shop next door can either change them or let you pay by card. We paid 700isk for one washing and 500isk for about 50 minutes drying. I’d recommend doing your laundry here as you can walk around and see some really amazing nature while waiting for it to finish.

  • Marie Treffler
    MarieMay 2019

    It’s open, but unfortunately the washing machine is broken at the moment. The tumble dryer seem to be fine.

  • Brian Liu
    BrianMay 2019

    This is probably only one self-service laundry machine in west Iceland. Someone should expands service like this to all Iceland. This is what I figure out on how to use it. For washing machine, all 3 partitions on top of the machine are all for laundry powders, which is also provided here for free. Follow the figures associated with each program on how much you should pour in each partition. A normal washing program takes 800 to 1000 KRs. For dryer, load your coins until the panel shows the time (estimated) you want, then press the green start button. You can also change the temperature setting before drying program starts. I throw 600 KRs and it dries for 45 mins. Also, the machines take 100 Kr coin only. So get your coins ready in advance. After usage, close the door of the cabin and make sure you lock it with the wedge. Happy travelling in Iceland!

  • Yuriy .Senyk
    YuriyMay 2019

    I don't know if the washing machine works (some people complained about it) but I can assure you that the dryer just saved my day :D

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