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  • Umair Baloch
    UmairMay 2019

    Tatar Mosque was built by Tatars in 1887. In 1883, by the decision of the Mufti of Kazan, several Tatar families who knew the Qur’an & were able to build mosques were sent to the Central Asian district, namely on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul. Some of them settled in the city of Karakol, others settled in the villages of Tamga, Sara, Aksuu, where they began to teach the local population about the Qur’an and other sciences. In Karakol, by the decision of immigrants and local residents, the Mosque was founded in 1887. Around 1935, the Mosque was ceased by the Soviet Union authorities. However, as Kyrgyzstan was founded, around 1991 the activities within the mosque were restarted and structure was rebuilt to bring it to it’s original shape.

  • L B
    LMay 2019

    This was the first mosque in Karakol and was built by the Tatar people.

  • Семья К.
    СемьяMay 2019

    Harmful imam

  • KardeşçeTV
    KardeşçeTVMay 2019

    The oldest mosque-medrese of the city of Karakol ..Tatar Mosque is called the reason why it is called, this is where the establishment of the Tatars and Tatars in the first years, mainly due to come here. #localguides

  • Nurlan UNG
    NurlanMay 2019

    The best mosque

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