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4.8 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Priyanshu Dhurandhar
    PriyanshuMay 2019

    Good morning I am going to be a ride home with you in any of the other is the case we will get it done this week of you have been a consert to get the message I got the airport and ride to work and then you on the airport at any point I will get it was send kia tha lakin thoda poem for the phone with them the phone sai bhi karva daina aaram the kids and ride to the phone number of you and I was send by email and ride to the phone number of people to be going well and you need anything let us dia maray pass it along the way but I will enter a ride home if I will be able too late to call you back but it will get it out of my dad to be a little more time and ride to work and then you need from us dia hu iss the airport and I are ne mai ne puchta the phone sai bhi karva daina na I can get it was send to me and ride it was a good day and I was send by the time I got home if you have any questions or concerns you have any questions or concerns you have a consert the phone sai bhi milage is it was a pleasure meeting with you in the future I would like karta hu usko like karta hu usko like karta hu pata khus hu mai udhar ka amount of the check and I will get it was send to me and ride it out.

  • Leonora Gambassi
    LeonoraMay 2019

    As soon as I arrived, my partner and I were greeted with a welcome cocktail by the owner wafir, very nice and never intrusive, and by Erika very kind and always available. As for the rooms, ours, sea view, was very large and bright, made entirely of wood, simple and enchanting at the same time; equipped with every comfort such as air conditioning. The food, truly excellent without any reservations! Try all the erika sweets especially the ice cream, one better than the other! Every day a different excursion was organized and thanks to the experience of captain inkay we were able to see the manta ray, rare to see in this period, and many other beautiful creatures. For each excursion in these corners of paradise, a lunch was organized literally in the middle of the sea, incredibly romantic! In these cases the lunch was prepared directly on the boat and believe me it was as good as the one in the structure! The great experience of wafir and Erika, their sympathy and availability, as well as that of all their staff, made our holiday perfect in every respect! 5 stars are few! We can't wait to return to their guests!

    LUCAMay 2019

    Excellent Italian-Maldivian lodge, they showed us the nearby islands with an All Inclusive package You eat directly on the beach, with a view of the sunset. Experience the experience of fishing in a fabulous sea.

  • Manuela Roccia
    ManuelaMay 2019

    We had the luck-bad luck to come back from heaven ... staff, kitchen, sea, excursions, tt climate simply fantastic !!! Icing on the cake 15 days barefoot to appreciate even more the holiday and the sense of full freedom !!! Thank tt..Manuela and Chicco

  • Isabella Rossignoli
    IsabellaMay 2019

    Very nice place. They bring to make the trips. Typical eating. We eat on the beach entertained by the passage of stingrays, sharks and other fish.

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