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  • Shujaaツ
    ShujaaツMay 2019

    Astore is located in Gilgit Baltistan. It is a medium size town. It has many beautiful places to visit. The Astore valley is very beautiful. There are many beautiful lakes, greenish meadows and much more in Astore valley. Astore is a remote valley there are not many facilities are available as compare to Gilgit and Hunza. List of Places to Visit in Astore valley 1: Rupal Base Camp Astore Rupal Base Camp 2: Tarshing Astore Nanga Parbat View Point Tarshing Astore Nanga Parbat View Point 3: Rupal Astore Rupal 4: Allah Wali Jheel Allah Wali Jheel 5: Deosai Bara Pani 6: Minimarg Minimarg 7: Rama Astore Rama 8: Qamri Astore Qamri Astore 9: Deosai Deosai Plains 10: Rainbow Lake Astore Rainbow Lake 11: Rama Lake Rama Lake Hotels in Astore Valley Astore is a medium size town and remote area. There aren’t any good hotels in Astore. There will be hardly 5 to 10 hotels in Astore. There is only one best hotel in Astore that is PTDC Astore other accommodation is not so good. Here is the list of hotels in Astore. PTDC Rama Astore Kamran Hotel and Restaurant Astore Rama Midway Guest House Astore Kamran Hotel Astore Wazir Guest House Astore Astore Valley Tour Packages Astore is the most beautiful valley in the Gilgit Baltistan region in the north of Pakistan. The valley is very beautiful greenish meadows and beautiful waterfalls and mind-blowing lakes and beautiful peaks are in Astore valley. We are offering Astore tour packages. We have Astore valley family tour packages, Honeymoon tour packages, group tour packages. Our Astore valley tour packages are including a local guide, best accommodation and we are offering Astore valley tour packages from Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. You can book our Astore valley tour packages at cheap prices and can explore the beauty of Astore valley with our fully guided tour packages. We are offering honeymoon tour packages to Astore valley. The Distance of Different Places from KKH 1KKH THAILICHI TO DOYAN13 KM2KKH TO HARCHO28 KM3KKH TO ASTORE HQ44 KM4KKH TO RAMA57 KM5KKH TO GUDAI73 KM6KKH TO CHILAM102 KM7KKH TO BRUZEL TOP122 KM8KKH TO MINIMARG130 KM9KKH TO QAMARI TOP172 KM10KKH TO RATTU RCC BRIDGE79 KM11KKH TO KALA PANI127 KM12KKH TO MIR MALIK102 KM13KKH TO TARSHING BASE CAMP82 KM14KKH TO BLIND LAKE DEOSAI118 KM15KKH TO BARA PANI DEOSAI138 KM16KKH TO SKARDU VIA DEOSAI PLAIN184 KM admin NEXTHotels in Neelum Valley » PREVIOUS« 10 Reasons Why Hunza Valley Should Be On Your Bucket List For 2020 LEAVE A COMMENT Leave a Comment PUBLISHED BY admin TAGS:hotels in astore valley Places to visit in astore valley RELATED POST Pakistan Tour Packages Naran Kaghan Travel Guide 2020 Top 10 Lakes in Gilgit Baltistan to visit in 2020 BLOG Pakistan Tour Packages Pakistan Tour Packages – Incredible Pakistan Tour Packages Discover classical Pakistan like never before with… HUNZA TOUR PACKAGES NARAN TOUR PACKAGES Best of Northern Pakistan Tour Package Holidays in Northern Pakistan is always a memorable experience. Right from majestic Naran and from… HUNZA TOUR PACKAGES NARAN TOUR PACKAGES Family Tour Package Hunza 10 Days Naran, Hunza, Astore and Yasin Valley Family Tour Package A Hunza tour becomes… HUNZA HONEYMOON TOUR PACKAGES Honeymoon in Hunza Can you imagine a more romantic way to spend your honeymoon than staying in a… HUNZA HONEYMOON TOUR PACKAGES Hunza & Naltar Honeymoon Tour Package Hunza is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Pakistan. If your idea of perfect… HUNZA HONEYMOON TOUR PACKAGES Romantic Hunza Honeymoon Tour Package Honeymoon is the time when you look to cement your bond of love with your…

  • Muhammad Yaqoob Jawad
    MuhammadMay 2019

    Great people fly with her

  • Skardu Baltistan
    SkarduMay 2019

    Best service providers 💕

  • nazira batool
    naziraMay 2019

  • Syed bilal hussain Shah
    SyedMay 2019

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