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  • Corina
    CorinaMay 2019

    One of the best preserved mansions from the beginning of 20th century in Moldova. Besides the main building, there are some adjacent constructions around.

  • EgoR Tetiushev
    EgoRMay 2019

    Park of the village of Tsaul. The main attraction is the abandoned Pomer estate. This is not one building, a complex of buildings. But the most beautiful and largest, one. On the territory of the estate there is a small zoo of birds, there are 2 roe deer, but there used to be small deer. There are ponies, they graze on the territory. Of course, everything is in a deplorable state, you can see how the building is being destroyed, but they are not particularly trying to save it. The park itself was ennobled. The tiles were laid, the red brick fence was restored. There are so many bricks that it was possible to build a new estate. But someone thought that the fence is more important than the historical building and all the money was thrown into the alley. And the building of the Pomer estate will "die". Of course all this is regrettable ... In my opinion, all that needs to be done is to stop the destruction of the building, improve the area in front of it a little and attract tourists. Thus, to preserve a piece of history and a unique place, because there are no analogues of its architecture in Moldova.

  • I V
    IMay 2019

    Atmosferă impecabilă.... păcat că e lăsat în paragină...

  • Maria Iacubitchii
    MariaMay 2019

    A beautiful place, but unfortunately abandoned ...

  • Vlad Ivanov
    VladMay 2019

    The famous park from Țaul occupies an area of ​​46.2 ha, with many secular trees, founded in 1901 - 1903 by the banker, owner of the AIPommer estate in Odessa, originally from Greece, married to Alexandrina, daughter of the nobleman Ioan C. Bogdan , landowner at Cuhureștii de Sus. In front of the park is the building of its former mansion. The park was arranged by the talented fruit grower-decorator V. Vladislav-Pedalco. This monument has been under state protection since 1956. It has over 150 species of trees, shrubs and vines, 2/3 of which are exotic. The dendrological background is 128 species of coniferous and broad-leaved trees and shrubs, representatives of different areas of the Earth. These include birch, broad poplar, maple with sharp leaves, lime with small leaves, ash, chestnut, oak with leaf in two colors, ordinary oak, vigorous fir with silver needles, enuper, etc.

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