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Puerto Viejo de Talamanca


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Reviews (1049)

4.6 out of 5.0
Service 4.7
Value for Money 3.8
Location 2.7
Cleanliness 5.0
  • Josh Bordes
    JoshMay 2019

    Friendly staff, decent food, fruit plate was good. Carrot juice tasted like chunky water. Giving 3 stars cause of the flies constantly dive bombing into my food and coffee non-stop. Easy to fix this problem by buying some fans and pointing them at the open doors to stop them from flying in swarms.

  • Florida Esthetics By Jatzen
    FloridaMay 2019

    Bread is wonderful and the food. Love it here. Order the cafe con almond milk sooo good.. Did i also mention they have chocolate spoons?

  • Tricia Hamm
    TriciaMay 2019

    The best Bakeryyyyy. Breakfast, food and desserts are popping here. Just 100, A+, but they drop the ball a little on the orders. My friend's sandwich was missing the bacon and they never brought myy other friend's yogurt and granola, besides that A+

  • John Cook
    JohnMay 2019

    Some of the best authentic pizza I have tasted! The pastries and sweets are superb!

  • Christopher Hoffman
    ChristopherMay 2019

    The smoothies were okay/good but that’s just adding the right ratio of fruit and liquid. Although there were still huge ice chunks at the bottom. The food was probably the worst god awful thing I ever had in my life in Costa Rica, I mean the free breakfast at the hotels had more taste than this food. I wonder if the chefs have ever tasted any of their food or if they experienced covid and no longer have taste buds because not only me but everyone else in my party barely touched their food. My omelette was like having a thin dried up egg in the shape of a crepe. The onions were caramelized; I mean who caramelizes onions in a omelette that’s common sense what not to do, you tested the onions like it was in preparation for a sandwich. And the only thing I finished on my plate was the side of bread they gave you with your meal. Very disappointed with how many people were in that restaurant and how terrible our food came out. Luckily I have the choice never to eat their again and I will express that.

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