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  • János Bakó
    JánosMay 2019

    My appreciation for the effort they make for saving the Great Green Macaw species. Enthusiastic volunteers and permanent staff. Macaws are beautiful, curious and smart. One hour marvelling...

  • Mark Tominey
    MarkMay 2019

    Watching the birds in their natural habitat was very cool. A good time was had by all!

  • Ramy Grinstein
    RamyMay 2019

    Great place to see the beautiful birds flying freely just above your head

  • Kathleen Savage
    KathleenMay 2019

    Amazing view of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen.

  • William Castner
    WilliamMay 2019

    This is like stepping back in time while walking up a steep hill. The minute you arrive in the afternoon, you hear them, the great green Macaw letting you know it's dinner time. After a really good introduction into the ARA project to bring back this beautiful bird, you start climbing into their world. When you reach the top and look into this magical valley these beautiful birds start flying up to the feeding platform. They soar like they don't have a care in the world. This is their world and you are lucky enough to see it. The best part of the visit is this is our third trip over the years. Seeing all the macaw pairs and how they are cuddling up to each other is pure beauty. Plus so many of the birds have become wild and now don't have to come back for food. They also have mating boxes for the pairs to breed in. If you want to see Jurassic park with these beautiful birds it's a true wonder. Every penny goes back into helping these birds. Big shout out to all the volunteers. Margaret

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