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Cleanliness 5.0
  • Mark Smith
    MarkMay 2019

    Awesome, Educational and Funfilled tour, better yet Excursion. Our guide Pablo "Eagle Eyes" made this excursion so exciting. Pablo "Eagle Eyes" absolutely loves birds along with the natural habitat. Pablo "Eagle Eyes" spotted this music as well as my fiancee would have never seem with or naked eyes. He explains plant life the importance of the eco system, the animals and never promises that you'll see these animals but low and behold we saw more than we imagined. We saw Falcons, Vultures, Cukoos, Hummingbirds, Two toed Sloths, Three toed Sloths, Spider Monkeys, Howler Monkeys, Dart Frogs and so so many more animals, then you take an excursion to his families sanctuary and guess what???? Pablo "Eagle Eyes" Mama & Sisters prepared a EXCELLENTE lunch that was FANTASTICO!!!!Mama and the family are wonderful!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Pablo "Eagle Eyes" and his brothers work the families land to enhance respect, continue to fill others with the knowledge of the importance of the land we live upon. Great job!!!! I admire Pablo "Eagle Eyes" and his family. They are great!!!! Now to top it off we had an amazing time on the Carribean Ocean with Pablo "Eagle Eyes" & our Wonderous Boat Captain Pepe!!!! We're saw some dolphins, got to see the dolphins come out the water and jump as if Pepe had it all planned. Now we did come upon a storm upon returning from the excursion yet Pepe give his all to get us through and he succeeded. Thank you Pepe!!! One here thing I failed to mention, we got the chance to also go into the Mandoca Lagoon as well. OMGNESS ALL was just AMAZING!!!! Once again, Thank you Pablo "Eagle Eyes" & his family, Pepe and his boat and last but certainly not the least MAMA!!!

  • andrea nagy
    andreaMay 2019


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